Climbing the next milestone – the Winter Presentation 2021/22

The Hybrid Milestone

Looking back on five months of intensive work, full of interviews, constructive discussions, idea generation, and prototyping, it is time for an update!
At the Winter presentation, a significant milestone of the SUGAR program, the teams presented the interim results of their innovation work to discuss them! Still caught up in the clutches of the pandemic, we decided to make our event hybrid – which turned out to be the best decision and with the potential to be a lasting memory. 

Tuning the Audience

Setting the stage with inspiring snapshots of everyday life and the necessity of human-centric design, Prof. Satzger, Director of the IISM / KSRI at KIT, set the mood. Accompanied by the keynote of Prof. Terzidis, head of the ENTECHNON, KIT, talking about the role of technology within the innovation process and emphasizing the essential role of the human the audience was full of anticipation for the following presentation of the teams!

Insights and experiences from all over the world were shared – whether from Australia, Asia, or Europe. The teams presented their progress, heightening the tension of the audience to get a glimpse in the follow-up sessions.

Setting the Stage

Every team set up their own exchange session, merging the digital with the physical space. Each of them sprinkled their own magic to it, aiming to get as much feedback and fruitful discussions with the diverse audience and connect throughout the globe. And what can we say? The teams just did an awesome job and they totally crushed it!

The Tension Increases

The event was a complete success – thanks to the active support of each individual contributing throughout the event. Every critical thought, active listening, curious discussion, and most important – an open mind. All this made this event as unforgettable as it was! We can’t wait to see what the teams will do with the newfound perspectives. The teams are already working further on their projects – and look forward to meeting the whole community in San Francisco for the final presentations in June 2022.