SUGAR EXPO 2021/22 in San Francisco

The Service Design Thinking cycle 2021/22 is coming to an end. One main highlight was definitely the students‘ final presentation at this year’s SUGAR Network for Design Innovation EXPO, hosted by San Francisco State University. During the first weekend of June, 16 student teams from all over the globe presented their solutions to the innovation challenges they had received of their 15 corporate partners from various industries. 

Rocking the stage

The Expo was characterized by exciting and innovative impulses and presentations, among them our teams TrumpfHUK Coburg and Zeiss. While our Team Trumpf came up with a solution for more sustainability in the metal sheet processing industry, Team HUK Coburg presented an enhanced customer experience for the insurance customers of HUK Coburg, whereas Team Zeiss advanced sustainable forestry with scientific optics.

Our Team HUK Coburg presenting

The teams showed how to deliver innovative results through hard work, creativity and motivation in an international team – and we are impressed. Chapeau!

RippleNet's Chief of Staff, Sagar Shah

Another highlight of the day was the amazing impulse of our keynote speaker Sagar Shah, RippleNet’s Chief of Staff, who inspired the audience with insights of the topic of blockchain for enterprises.

Brainfood for the good mood

Three rounds of team presentations and two rounds of booth visits filled our day with stimulating and inspiring insights and to keep the energy throughout, SUGAR kept us on our toes with the Chief Fun Officers, Charlotte and Finn! 
From a breathing exercise to relax, to various networking games, to a joint Macarena dance, we had it all – and it was extremely fun!

Charlotte and Finn on a fun endeavour

Teamspirit for the win

It cannot be pointed out enough, the whole event would not have been possible without all the helping hands, supporting in the preparation and execution of the SUGAR EXPO. But of course also not without our amazing audience! The engagement and interaction with all of you was highly rewarding, not only for our teams, but the moderators and the organizers as well. 

Our moderators Sarah and Paula on stage
Overall, it was an incredibly exciting experience! We look forward to meeting the new teams at the global launch event in the fall to grow the next generation of future makers.

See you there!