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A successful cooperation comes to an end – Porsche shares their experience as corporate partner in the media.

The Porsche audience inspects the team's final prototype
On July 4th, the Porsche team of the 2018/19 SUGAR cycle presented their project results at Porsche Digital in Ludwigsburg. The diverse audience, including some senior executives, coming from various Porsche units spent half a day with the team receiving an overview of their project outcomes, experiencing their prototypes, and learning about the Design Thinking approach. Presentation and results were highly appreciated.
The Porsche Team of the 2018/19 SUGAR program including corporate sponsors and instructors

Subsequent to the event in Ludwigsburg, Porsche AG published an article on the fruitful collaboration complemented by LinkedIN posts (PAG, PDG) and an Instagram-Story Moreover, the student team,  , comprising of students from the Hasso-Plattner-Institute Potsdam and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, was invited by Porsche to the IAA in September 2019. 

The team demonstrating their prototype inside a car
Sharing knowledge: The team presents prototypes from early phases and explains why they failed